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The following merchandise is available to purchase by providing the attached order form with your payment.  Just find a Fusion Percussion support staff member who will give it to our merchandise representative who will gather the orders to bundle them together.  Depending on the volume of ordered items, the turn-around from the time ordered to delivery may be affected.

Click the link below to download the most recent Merchandise Order Form from Fusion Percussion. This form is needed when you want to order merchandise to wear to help represent Fusion Percussion, Inc.

FP 2018 Member Merchandise Order Form

FP 2018 Member T-Shirt                                **provided at signup

FP Lapel Pin                                                   $5.00
FP Tobaggan                                                 $6.00
FP T-Shirt                                                     $10.00
FP Long Sleave T-Shirt                                   $12.00
FP Hoodie no Zipper                                      $25.00
FP Hoodie with Zipper                                    $30.00

FP Members Jacket with logo on back               $65.00

FP Lanyards  (not on order form)                     $5.00  (direct purchase from staff member @ rehearsal)